Here is some config file paths and some commands I used to deal with GitLab. This is a learning note, not an instruction of installing GitLab on your server. For the detail of installation, please check the official site and playlist I create on Youtube.

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gitlab 主要配置目录 /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb


  • gitlab-ctl reconfigure always run this command after modifying the config file /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb. All the config files are generated by this command and located under opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/config.

  • gitlab-ctl start|stop|restart start stop and restart gitlab service

  • gitlab-ctl status 输出类似下面的格式:

      run: logrotate: (pid 744) 197s; run: log: (pid 737) 197s
      run: nginx: (pid 743) 197s; run: log: (pid 731) 197s
      run: postgresql: (pid 748) 197s; run: log: (pid 738) 197s
      run: redis: (pid 746) 197s; run: log: (pid 734) 197s
      run: sidekiq: (pid 747) 197s; run: log: (pid 736) 197s
      run: unicorn: (pid 745) 197s; run: log: (pid 735) 197s
  • gitlab-ctl tail trace the log, and check error

  • gitlab-ctl tail postgresql 单独查看 postgresql 日志

file path

  • /opt/gitlab gitlab 和依赖应用的代码

  • /var/opt/gitlab/bin gitlab-ctl reconfigure 命令写入的地方,存放应用数据和配置文件 /etc/gitlab omnibus 版本 gitlab 的配置文件,平常只需要修改这个配置文件就够了

  • /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories all the repo are stored here.

  • /var/log/gitlab 包含 omnibus 版本 gitlab 所有组件的日志数据

  • /var/opt/gitlab/nginx/conf/ nginx.conf and gitlab-http.conf

GitLab SMTP setting

official document is here

Following is my setting to use 163 NetEase’s SMTP service. But after I test for a while, most of GitLab emails were blocked by the service. So I change my setting to use mailgun.

# If your SMTP server does not like the default 'From: gitlab@localhost' you
# can change the 'From' with this setting.
# 网易服务器 smtp 机器要求身份验证帐号和发信帐号必须一致
# 如果用户在发送邮件时,身份验证帐号和发件人帐号是不同的,因此拒绝发送。
gitlab_rails['gitlab_email_from'] = '[email protected]'
gitlab_rails['gitlab_email_reply_to'] = '[email protected]'

#send gitlab notification via SMTP by
gitlab_rails['smtp_enable'] = true
gitlab_rails['smtp_address'] = ""
gitlab_rails['smtp_port'] = 25
gitlab_rails['smtp_user_name'] = "[email protected]"
gitlab_rails['smtp_password'] = "smtp password"
gitlab_rails['smtp_domain'] = ""
gitlab_rails['smtp_authentication'] = "login"
gitlab_rails['smtp_enable_starttls_auto'] = true

This is my setting for mailgun

# Sending email via SMTP using mailgun, following is the config
gitlab_rails['smtp_enable'] = true
gitlab_rails['smtp_address'] = ""
gitlab_rails['smtp_port'] = 587
gitlab_rails['smtp_user_name'] = "[email protected] created in the console of mailgun"
gitlab_rails['smtp_password'] = "password created in the console of mailgun"
gitlab_rails['smtp_domain'] = "your same as the"
gitlab_rails['smtp_authentication'] = "login"
gitlab_rails['smtp_enable_starttls_auto'] = true